We were living a very comfortable life until David lost his job….


I would guess we were luckier than most couples our age, but a series of financial setbacks left us 100% broke, exhausted and unsure what to do next. When you live far away from a big city, jobs can be hard to come by. Thankfully, David has always been an “Outside of the Box” thinker.

A picture of David & Alexis

In just six months we started two businesses from home with no experience in either one. We dedicated ourselves wholeheartedly to achieving what we truly desire out of life. In that short time span our businesses took off and we’re currently on the road to financial recovery and further growth.

It’s our mission, with this website & YouTube channel, to help guide you to the life of your dreams! We are here to provide advice and assistance with reselling, couponing, starting your own business, living a frugal lifestyle and MORE! We truly believe that by creatively saving money and making money that you can continue to DREAM BIG and achieve those dreams. We are rising, like a Phoenix from the ashes, and we believe you can too!