Eight Cheap Halloween Costume Options!

Eight Cheap Halloween Costume Options!

Halloween is such a fun time of year for the whole family, but the packaged costumes seem to keep getting more and more expensive! Finding cheap Halloween costumes for kids (and adults!) has become next to impossible. On top of that, your Halloween plans may look a little different this year than they have in years past. But that’s precisely why holding onto some tradition and dressing up should be more important than ever! With that in mind, here are eight cheap Halloween costume options to check out before you plunk down your money at Walmart. 

1. Pinterest/Home Made

 I think we all love the idea of a homemade Halloween costume. That is, until it comes time to get out the glue gun & scissors. And it can sometimes be a hard sell to get your child to choose homemade over the cool costumes they see in the store. But this year is really the best time to make that happen. Kids want what they see. So before you wander the Halloween aisles with your little one, with with them on the couch and let them scroll through Pinterest on your phone or laptop. Pinterest has thousands of ideas for homemade costumes, often with step-by-step guides and instructions. Making something together could be a great replacement activity for any of the Halloween traditions you may be missing out on this year. 

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2. Trade costumes

 Scroll through your friends list and take note of the ones who have kiddos of various ages. Maybe somebody else has a costume that their little one has outgrown, or maybe you can lend one that was too large to someone else? 

3. Goodwill 

Did you know that Goodwill and other stores like it have Halloween costumes? They do! And often times they are cheaper than what you’ll find at Walmart and some are brand new in the package. 

4. Facebook Marketplace

Check your local social media groups and neighborhood communication boards. There’s always someone giving away a costume or selling one for cheap this time of year! 

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5. Bin stores 

Similar to Goodwill, bin stores will often have seasonal return merchandise at a deeply discounted price. Unsure of what a bin store is or if there’s one near you? Check out our video

6. Re-use an old costume 

My stepson asked to be Iron Man THREE years in a row. It does happen. Man that costume got some mileage. 

7. Check Dollar General

Dollar General (and sometimes even Dollar Tree) have a few decent costume options depending on what your kiddo likes. If you’re able to add their mask/makeup/cape to your $5/$25 Saturday couponing deal, how sweet would that be?! 

8. Pre-purchase for next year 

Post-Halloween costumes will quickly go to 50, 70 and in some cases 90% off. But you’ll need to be diligent about checking your local stores for several days up to a week or two after the holiday in order to score the best price. No, you don’t know for SURE what your child will want next year, but you have a general idea of their interests and at 90% off you can afford to be wrong. Worst comes to worst, you can donate a new in the package costume to another parent struggling to afford their kid’s costume! 

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